Rabbit Magazine Review

Rabbit Magazine has long been my favorite magazine. When I found the 2010 annual issue in my litter box yesterday, I was very excited. Two of my favorite topics are rabbit food and rabbit games and this issue included articles on both. I flipped to the rabbit menu article, which began with this quote, “Feeding your rabbit correctly goes a long way toward keeping your pet healthy and happy.” I agree! I’m going to like this article, I thought, until I turned the page and found my least favorite food on a recommended list. Dandelion. What’s more my owner had circled it. Thank you Rabbit Magazine for ruining my dinner, because guess what I found in my food bowl that same night. Dandelion Greens!

If this wasn’t bad enough, when I turned the page of Rabbit Magazine, I found this add for Oxbow:

“Rabbits can’t read. So why would you use newspaper-based litter?”

Ridiculous! Don’t you think?

My New Blog

Wow! This is cool. I have my own blog now. My name is Writer Rabbit, and I like plums. Don’t listen to the people who say that rabbits like carrots the best because I’m going to tell you, I like plums. Well, enough of that. I have to go and eat. Thanks for visiting my blog.  I will have a new post up next week. This stuff is new for me so please give me a little break. Also, I don’t know if you’ve realized it yet, but I’m a rabbit. Thank you, that’s all for now.


Me having a after writing snack. I wonder if they will let me eat it all…