Hi, My name is Writer Rabbit. I m a rabbit, but that doesn’t stop us does it? I may have paws and you may have hands, but that doesn’t matter because guess what, I CAN BLOG!!! Humans are not better then rabbits after all! So you might be wondering how I got started blogging. Well, let me tell you, I started blogging as a guest. I thought it was really cool because no one knew I was a rabbit. Did I tell you that already? If I haven’t, well I’m a rabbit. You see, my family is always blogging, and I like to consider myself a human, so if that’s what humans do, then I’m up for the challenge! Blogging doesn’t seem difficult to me, and I think I can handle it!
    So, I started reading in my hutch after I put away the family (the humans) in their hutch. I got a lot of facts and I started. I got one of my family members to design this website and another to teach me to write. Please Please Please go ahead and look around! If you leave a comment I might just go ahead and visit your blog! If you have one. Thanks for stopping by and reading this. I hope you liked it. If you like my Blog, you can hit the tempting big button that says like. Every comment counts!
    – Your Furry Friend,
Writer Rabbit

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